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Saturday August 4, 2012

Opening Reception 6-10:30pm in the Million Fishes Gallery

In the Bay Area we are part of a culture of technological use and development that is driving subtle and ever deeper integration of computation into everyday life. As we do so, we are colonizing virtual reality, shaping its bits into our own likenesses. It in turn shapes us by altering our ways of thinking, our processes for doing, for creating art: our own “virtual” creations remake us in their likeness. An infinite recursion of increasing velocity has emerged between us and our once-virtual creations.

Physio/Logical presents artworks that engage with and examine the dissolution of notional boundaries between virtuality and reality: software finding physical manifestation, hardware (in the broadest sense of non-digital media and even human bodies) being subsumed by code, and artistic processes being refactored as algorithms.


Nicole Aptekar, Mary FranckGray & Justin Warren, Ian Smith-Heisters, Benjamin Jarrett and Mateo LugoKADET, Conner LacyErin Malley,  Marius Watz, and Michael Zbyszyński.

Here are some photos from the opening: