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Million Fishes Arts is a place where you can find the rarest and the finest collection of art by some of the most eminent, skilled and popular artists from all around the world.

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Auxiliary Exhibition Space
Commercial Division Gallery
Art Exclusives

Sculpture & Painting Forum

We have a separate forum for sculpture and painting where the budding and experienced artists can participate to get insights to develop their skills and learn new things.

“Regular artist even will be conducted and organized by our team. Many renowned names in the will be participating in most of the events.”

Artist Events

Some Of The Artworks

Some of the artworks will be displayed regularly in our facility. Everyone is allowed to witness the awesomeness at any time.

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Artist Recreation

The reaction of every artist when they have an overwhelming response to their work is something that cannot be explained work. The applause that people get for their creativity and imagination is always special and extraordinary.

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New Perspective & Original Ideas

The two important things for every artist is to have a different perspective about things and have new ideas which will help them do better work and provide more creative content.


Famous Artist

Wall Paintings – Specialist

Sculptors – Specialist

3D Painter – Specialist

Latest Creations

Semi Abstract Landscapes

The Semi abstract landscape is one of those things that will instantly capture the attention of the audience and is also the kind of work that most artist love to do.

More Opportunity

Figure Studies Art

The figure studies in the art are one of the important things that will help any artist to get out of the conventional way and come up with something new. In most of the cases, it is the drawing of the human body.

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  • vacuum sealer paint brush

Pro Tip: Use Vacuum Sealers for your Paint Brushes

How to store your paintbrushes and why the use of vacuum sealers is important? Let’s find out.

  1. Storing During a Project

The paintbrushes and rollers are a sort of investment. You will need them after some time so it is really essential to preserve and store the brushes and rollers. They can last for up to six months if proper care is taken. During painting projects, you may need to store and preserve the brushes as well as rollers.

For this, you can wrap the brush in your best vacuum sealer or heavy-duty aluminum foil. This trick will keep your brush fresh and safe for 24 hours. If you intend to take a longer break, you can put the brushes and rollers in a vacuum sealer. Remove all the air and place the bag inside the freezer. Your brushes are safe now.

  1. Cleaning After a Project

It is always advised people should clean their brushes and rollers soon after the work is done. Cleaning can be easy and simple if the brushes were treated with care. For this, remove all the excess paint from the brushes immediately. Moreover, don’t pour down the water used to clean brushes in the drain. It will be more dangerous.

Always take a bucket of water to clean the brushes and rollers. However, cleaning also depends on the quality or type of paint. For example, for water-based paints, warm water with a spoon of soap will suffice. Similarly, for oil-based paints, the experts recommend mineral spirits which do the best job.

Apart from this, nowadays you can find many brush and roller cleaning products. They are cheaper and very effective. These products have been produced considering the safety measures as well as to let painters preserve and store their tools in any easy way. You will not be worried about losing the brushes.

paint brushes

  1. Maintaining After Cleaning

Now comes the most important thing and that is to preserve the brushes and rollers after you have cleaned them. For this, the experts advise to first set the bristles of the brushes. If the bristles of your brush are not straight, dip them into warm water and take out after a few minutes. Now you should comb the bristles so that they are straight before you preserve them. You can then keep them in a vacuum sealer bag.

For the rollers, it is suggested they should be trimmed. The dried part of the rollers can be trimmed so that the bristles remain even and don’t affect the texture when you take them out for use.

Other Tips

Apart from what we have discussed above to store and preserve the brushes and rollers, below are a few additional tips that can save your life.

  • Always comb the brushes so that any paint remnant is removed before you clean and preserve them in vacuum sealer bags.
  • You can also rub the brush in between your hands to clean it. After spinning, you can now clean it in the sink.
  • Always store the brushes and rollers in the original covers and vacuum sealers. If you have lost one, you should create one of a similar size.
  • Buy brush and roller cleaning tools and products for better care.
  • Paintings

The Most Valuable Art Collection In The World

There are good possibilities that the predominant population does not have many ideas about art collection. Some do it for the interest, and some do it for the business. It is a kind of business which is you can make billions of dollars. In this article, we will see some of the most expensive art collection in the world.

Ezra and David Nahmad

The value of the art collection of Ezra and David Nahmad is nearly three billion dollars. It is the highest valued art collection in the world. Ezra and David Nahmad are brothers. According to Forbes, they have tasted success like no other when it comes to the art collection. It seems that they have a very simple strategy. To make profit buy a lot of art and keep them in a warehouse safely for some time and meanwhile boost their value. Then sell the same art with an insane profit. Their approach to business has clearly given the Nahmad brothers absolute dominance. For them it is not about interest; it is all about business.

Valuable Art

David Geffen

The collection that David Giffen has is worth nearly 2.3 billion dollars. According to various sources, his wealth is almost valued up to seven billion. According to David, it was his mother who taught him how not to get hustled. It is very much that she was a great mentor. David is a college dropout and had dyslexia. He actually provided a fake degree from UCLA to get his first job. Geffen showed more interest in the mid-century art and was very fond of artists like Jackson Pollock, Willem de, Kooning and Rothko. When it comes to the collection of American artists he kinda leads the race. He has always been regarded for his smartness. He is very famous for selling the masterpieces of Jackson Pollock and William Kooning.

Eli Board

The value of Eli Board’s collection is around 2.2 billion dollars. His personal wealth is valued up to 7.1 billion dollars. Eli Board is a self-made billionaire, and he is very famous for his philanthropic work. He is the only person in the world who has two fortune five hundred companies. The two companies that the financial wizard owns are KBHHomes and Sun America. He purchased his first art in the year 1973. It was a Van. Gosh drawing. Then later he bought some works of eminent artists like Picasso and Matisse. Since then he has constantly been collecting, and he made 8000 pieces of work available for display.

Phillip Niarchos

The value of the art collection of the Niarchos family is about 2.2 billion dollars. They have one of the biggest Greek shipping companies, racehorse owners and also art collectors. Their families have always been under constant accusations, and they are active players in international politics.

Niarchos. Sr died in the year 1996. He left behind a personal fortune of 5 billion dollars and an art collection that is considered to be the biggest collection of Van Gosh. It also included the iconic work of Van Gosh ear chopped self-portrait that is worth 71 million dollars.

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